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re: Captain Class Guides


Use this space to post all guides related to the Captain. 


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re: Eld/Izu’s guide to raid red cappy


Eld/Izu’s guide to raid red cappy. (this is not a min/max guide thx to Eo for peer review editing)


Permanent necessary buffs: The main things you need to ALWAYS have up are the defeat response buffs that you get whenever you use routing/rallying cry after a defeat response and the relentless attack buff which is procced from using sure strike after battle shout or shadows lament. These 3 buffs have a 1 minute duration approximately and should be up PERMANENTLY for the entirety of being in combat. There are ways to ease into doing this more easily that are more advanced but always just keep those two up.  A helpful tip also for getting defeat responses is to always use pressing attack unless you need the extra damage of devastating blow. The reason for this is because pressing attack hits aoe and multiple times, there is a higher chance of a crit being possible which grants a defeat response.

(More advanced way of getting defeat responses up, skip if you dont want to bother doing extra stuff like this) Everytime you get a defeat response you can actually get both buffs up from just 1 defeat response. When you see that you have a defeat response press routing or rallying doesnt matter which is first then buttonmash spam the other one and if done correctly it should apply both buffs. This is just an easier way to keep up permanent uptime on these buffs and is not needed.

Buffing priority order:Ideal buffing rotation to start off a fight Time of Need > Rallying/routing cry (off of the same defeat response if you know how to do that) > Banner > To Arms > Boss Activates > Reveal/Telling > Battle shout > Sure Strike > Oathies > BBS Call . This is the ideal buffing rotation that will help maximize damage buffs in terms of priority/efficiency. Ideally there will be 2 captains in the raid and if possible coordinate with him/her banner timings first Oathbreakers etc since those do not stack. Banners have 30 seconds duration with 1 minute cd so 2 captains can potentially keep banner buff up for the raid group almost permanently if they have good awareness and coordination. Other than that just use oathies/buffs whenever called on in the various situations.

Important notes on playing cappy:

The skills battle shout and shadows lament put you into a battle readied state that lets you use the skills devastating blow and pressing attack. After you use either of those two skills you are put into a buff period of 15 seconds that is called battle hardened that unlocks the skill called Blade of Elendil. DO NOT use Blade of Elendil as that makes you lose the battle hardened buff which is a huge buff. With the right legacies/traits it means +30% outgoing healing -15% incoming damage and 30% melee critical damage. This is a huge buff that you want to keep up as much as possible so whenever battle shout is off cd you should be using it and getting back into battle hardened. So I repeat DO NOT use Blade of Elendil especially if you do not have plugin assisted timing on using it. (using Blade of Elendil in the last second of the battle hardened buff)


Mainhand (more support/healing prioritized choose dps legacies if wanting to be more dps oriented rather than healing)


  1. Battle hardened outgoing healing

  2. Battle hardened incoming damage

  3. Captain aoe healing


  1. Melee crit damage

  2. Bleed damage

  3. Battle readied damage buff

  4. Cutting Attack damage

  5. Grave wound damage

  6. Might

Emblem (more support/healing prioritized choose dps legacies if wanting to be more dps oriented rather than healing)


  1. Vocal skills healing

  2. Healing crit mag

  3. Rallying cry healing


  1. Melee skills healing

  2. Dev/pressing damage

  3. Time of need buff duration

  4. Bleed skills crit multi

  5. Shadows lament damage

  6. Words of courage healing

  7. Might

  8. Light Type Damage (optional)

  9. Sure Strike Damage


True Setting of the north: Best overall for support classes since it gives you crit which helps for healing and damage, lots of morale and lots of incoming healing or Westenment setting of endings if you are more focusing on dps for the dev magnitude.

True gem of the Wizards Vale: or any other crit gem: Same reason as setting crit is invaluable (alternate example is Emerald Gem of Fortune, gives both vitality and lots of crit)

True rune of the white mountains: or any other attack duration rune: This one gives phys/tac mastery which helps with dps/heals and it gives attack duration which overall helps speed up actions per second that can be executed.

Westenment device of battle: Same reasons  as the others, the mastery/crit is helpful for heals/dps and provides more value than the other devices.




2 ToO OB reset armor pieces

4 4slot flower or pel(pel preferred greatly)

Or 4 Command pvp armor set (if possible)

T2c 4 set sure strike incoming damage bonus (command set preferred but this works also)


Visual of the only armor sets you will be using ever in the raid (ideally, t2 blue set mostly for UO t2c)


Ideally (in order of best to worst)

New gold 3 slot

3 slot flower jewelry or t2 raid

2 slot FI jewelry

(if possible) mitigation BB jewelry set (mostly for tanking but helpful for especially Mumaks/UO t2c Gauntlets/trashmobs/most aoe situations/Goth red room)

ScreenShot00110.jpgVisual of the jewelry sets that should be used


T2c throne

Rako: Any morale unless using a strat where you get hit t2 phys mit (anything above 25k, ideally 30K to be safe)

Mumaks: 40+k morale unbuffed t2 mits without scrolls

Vado gauntlet 30k-35k morale (can lower if comfortable) t2 mits

Vado Under 30k morale preffered t2 tac mit

UO 20-25k morale minimum (Morale could be higher, as not a dps race) t2 mits without scrolls

Nazguls Any morale t2 tac mit

Goth Chicken: Any morale t2 mits

Goth Twins: Any more t2 tac mit is nice

Goth red room: 25k+ higher/lower with comfort levels t2 of both mits

Goth boss: Any morale (depending on strat/speed) t2 mits



Redline healing oriented c18f086c8bf1ef1b8cad2370356a0935.png


Redline dps Oriented dd58d39e10f8082a42b723df58046d2f.png


Virtues: Any mit/morale virtue works to be honest discipline also provides good virtue value aswell.

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