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re: Hunter Class Guides


Use this space to post all guides related to Hunters. 


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re: Eld/Izu's guide to dps hunter


Eld/Izu’s guide to dps hunter in the raid

Note: First part will be the main things for dps hunter, there will be a large section about min/maxing to get the most out of dps at the end.



HS= Heart Seeker

BH= Burn Hot

BA= Blood Arrow

Clicky= Item that you swap in briefly for normal gear for practical purposes


Note: For the raid, blue line hunter is the only viable sustain dps for bosses and is the only one being used. This guide will not include viable pve redline builds as it is focused on the raid. The main build that is used for sustain dps is one that uses HS reset gear so this guide will only cover builds with that in mind.


Blue/red primary dps

Blue hunter updated main dps.png

The reasoning behind this setup is simple: The red traits add in a huge factor to dps and some very important key things for dps. The focus generation on every crit is to maintaining focus and the trait draw weight is a huge factor for HS damage+barbed arrow. BH is nice especially if in boss fights that take over a minute 30 seconds you can use it twice and the bleed for HS stacks and does some nice extra damage. The incoming healing debuff from it aswell has various purposes even in Throne t2c such as goth chicken or rako etc who both get healed. Even though you will be mostly using focus skills every so often if you get unlucky with focus buff procs, you will need to use a barbed arrow to get focus back up and that is why skill induction trait is important. The reason I do not use exsanguinate is because, although it is good, there are better places to put those trait points. The reason why Bodkin arrows for the mit debuff is not important is because in the raid, with proper debuffers the mits should be close enough to 0 that a -% mit bypass will not make much of a dps difference and having something like rapid fire will be a much bigger factor in establishing focus buff procs.


Notes about skills: Barrage is the skill you will be using the most and it is the most important to know the mechanics of it. Basically every time you use barrage consecutively it goes up a tier to a max of tier 3. Each tier makes it go up 30% damage and 50% power cost meaning t3 barrage does 50% more damage. There is a weird bug that there has to be a certain amount of time before you can reach barrage t3 this means that there will be extra skills in between barrage t2 and t3 so that the time amount is allotted to reach t3. Volley should always be used with barbed arrow and HS and BA replace penetrating shot whenever they are off cd. Important: Also know that the way it works is that 2 induction skills cannot be paired together because of GCD (explanation not included in this guide ask me in game if you wanna know) but just never use barbed followed immediately by HS or something like that always put a focus skill in between eg. barbed - barrage - HS.

Second important note: Both the trait Strong draw, the erebor armor set, and the auroch armor set affect barrage pen shot and blood arrow.

Third important note: Strength stance should never be used because the damage bonus that it gives is not a pure damage bonus. Meaning that if the buff says +20% ranged damage you dont deal 20% extra damage. It is a 20% mastery damage bonus so that translates to very little damage increase maybe a 5-6% actual damage increase whereas precision stance not only gives you 3 focus every 5 seconds, but every crit gets a pure 32% damage multiplier so if your hit was going to deal 1000 damage it would deal 1320 damage.

Fourth important note: Barrage t3 uses up a ridiculous amount of power which means all power cost lowering items are ideal. The 3 main things that do this are the hunter book, the class essence, and the legacy focus bow power cost. Example shown below.


Basic Rotation: Burn hot - rapid fire - barrage - blood arrow - barrage - barbed - pen shot - HS(if reset) or pen shot - barrage ( should be t3 now) - pen shot (blood arrow or HS if reset) - barrage - pen shot - barrage - penshot keep doing barrage - focus skill or HS  reset or barbed arrow if volley procs to replace pen shot whenever you can. Refer to bottom of guide for max dps rotation.


Legendary Items



  1. Barrage Damage

  2. Precision stance crit multi

  3. Fate

  4. Agi


  1. Press onward cd (can be on a clicky)

  2. Merci shot cd

  3. Vitality


  1. Desperate flight cd (can be on a clicky)

  2. Beneath notice cd (can be on a clicky)

  3. Strength stance damage (almost useless refer to important notes about hunter)



  1. Induction bow damage

  2. Heart seeker damage

  3. Induction bow crit multi

  4. Focus bow crit multi

  5. Ranged skill evade chance (evade is the most common bpe against ranged attacks)

Very helpful

  1. Burn hot damage (best on a clicky

  2. Damage over time

  3. Focus bow power cost (best of the 3 so that you don’t make the lm job harder)


Westenment setting of endings: Crit rating and dev magnitude both of which are invaluable for hunters

True gem of the rising moon: Mastery fate and vit all of which help (crit gem should be unnecessary here if you have a maxed build, another good option is true gem of the wizard vale)

True rune of the white mountain: Agi attack duration and mastery uncontested for runes

Westenment device of accuracy: Agi mastery and crit self explanatory


Armor: from best to worst

2 erebor (buff from this applies to barrage and in combination with strong draw makes your focus skills cost only 1 meaning that you have permanent focus upkeep since you generate focus faster than it is lost) 4 t2 HS reset pieces

2 erebor 4 osg HS reset

2 erebor 2 t2 pen shot mit set 2 pelennor

2 erebor 2 t1 2 pelennor

2 erebor 4 pelennor

2 erebor 4 t1 pen shot mit set

4 t1 pen shot mit set 2 pel


Clicky armor sets refer to min/maxed section



Jewelry: From best to worst

New gold 3 slot jewelry

Flower 3 slot

Osg 3 slot

Fi 2 slot


Clickies Refer to min maxed section



Basic Stats/for throne t2c

12k finesse (best achieved with 3 finesse essences)

17.6k crit minimum should be around 19k in glass cannon so that when you put mits/morale on for fights youll still be at cap crit

Rako: Any morale t2 phys mit

Mumaks: 35k morale unbuffed t2 mits unbuffed

Vado gauntlet: 30k morale t2 mits

Vado: as low as possible morale t2 tac mit

UO t2c:  20k-25k morale depending on job/comfort t2 mits unbuffed

Nazguls 22-25k morale t2 tac mit

Goth chicken 20k minimum morale t2 phys mit

Twins: 20k minimum t2 tac mit

Goth boss: 20k-25k depending on strat t2 tac mit depending on strat/speed of dps



I highly advise getting determination and if you are getting tac mit virtues then get tolerance/mercy as those give agi also. Zeal is also a good option for getting max morale up and a ton of phys mit from armor and phys mit.


Min/maxed/advanced tips n tricks

Min/maxed gear/clickies

Baingrist ( only acquireable through GM)

Dragon tooth shard

BH armor swappy: DA/Ere/ToO

GR jewelry set

Loth jewelry set

BH LI swappy

Trap LI swappy (least necessary)


Rotation: Equip trap dmg LI - drop traps - swap blue - use loth/GR/dragon - swap back normal gear - rapid fire - double tap focus - barrage - blood arrow - song of aid start- barrage - barbed - pen shot  - swap BH LI - BH - movement cancel - double tap focus - barrage - pen shot (BA or HS if reset) - barrage - pen shot - double tap focus - barrage - pen shot - barrage - double tap focus - pen shot etc

Note: If you arent comfortable with movement animation cancelling BH smoothly use BH crit mag swap armor/LI and pop it at the beginning before rapid fire and replace BH with penshot

Extra aside: For moors 2 LI swappies with Insignia of the noble huntsman for low cut 50% chance to remove slows+ it does an aoe slow+ root is pretty sweet.






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