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re: Minstrel Class Guides


Use this space to post all guides related to the Minstrel.


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re: Eld/Izu’s guide to mini


A Blue Minstrel Guide (and a little bit of yellow)

By Eld/Izu/Gild

(note: this is a basic guide for even a beginner mini to endgame not specifically for raiders but includes all the content, stats, info etc that you need to be able to do t2c throne)


The skills of the class are not very complex at all and there is no actual set rotation but mostly just what is needed at that moment in time will vary upon context but not very much. There are few very important things that must be known and noted that minstrels must always be aware of. Most minstrels that i see in action do not even do the simplest of things that must be done even though it is a relatively basic class. The biggest issue I have seen is anthems. If you are in blue line, there are 2 main anthems you need to worry about keeping up. You always want anthem of war on your fellowship and you always want anthem of the third age active on yourself and you will be a massive help to your fellowship just from simply doing that. I will discuss the finer details about the anthems such as what traits and legacies you will want to get to be able to maximize their use. But for now, all you need to know is this:

    Anthems In blue line, you can only have 1 anthem up at a time. But this means that you have to follow an order of operations. If you use anthem of war first, it will apply it to your entire fellowship and to you as well. And if following that you use anthem of the third age it will only override the copy of anthem of war on you since anthem of the third age is a self applied buff only. This means that all X other members will have the buff from anthem of war and you will have the anthem up that you want. The -25% induction time from anthem of the third age will immensely increase your HPS and allow you to react significantly faster to someone’s health dropping. Other than that I would say that none of the other anthems are worth using over those two. This will also give you an emergency buff to your coda heal from using anthem of the third age.

Anthem of War: Debatably the most important anthem to know about as a minstrel no matter what line you are in. It is absolutely essential that you have this maxed out which will be explained in the Traits and Legacies sections. Already explained previously as to what to do in blue, but there are other very helpful tricks you can do with this. In yellow line you can stack 3 anthems which means that if you swap to yellow line use Cry of the Chorus (CoTC) you can apply 2 anthems of war then swap back to blue line, enter combat and use a third anthem of war easily. Or if you are killing trash mobs enter combat in yellow stack 3 then kill the mob, swap back to blue and apply your 4th anthem of war. This means that with 4 anthems of war you have buffed your fellowship up +20% phys damage +60% tac damage 25k phys/tac mastery which is an insane damage boost. (6 anthems of war explained later)

    Skills: Let us just look at the basic minstrel healing skills. Bolster Courage, Raise the Spirit, Inspire Fellows, Fellowships heart, Triumphant Spirit, and your coda. I will talk about all these in the order that I specified them.

Bolster Courage: This is the ultimate minstrel healing skill; it has no cooldown, a relatively low induction, and it is a fellowship heal. This skill is one of the main skills being used and can easily be spammed. In synergy with anthem of the third age and the buff procced from critical heals this can easily be a 0 second induction spam skill. Note though that the fellowship heal and the actual heal of bolster courage are completely separate. So bolster courage applies 2 heals, one which applies to the single target, and the second which heals the fellowship. So whomever you are targetting with it gets healed twice. Note: this is only in blue line not yelllow

Raise the Spirit: This heal has a comparable heal amount to Bolster Courage except it is only slightly faster and it also has a cooldown. It is also only a single target heal so compared to Bolster Courage this skill is almost completely irrelevant.

Inspire Fellows: This is basically a worse version of Bolster Courage unless you have hybrid traited to buff it up in yellow or/and you have the 2 slot gear from the Featured Instances which lets its incoming damage buff stack. (it’s main use is in stuff like the raid)

Fellowships Heart: Since this is a longer cooldown skill this should be saved for more desperate moments when you really need to keep your fellowship alive from a large amount of damage and you need the big HOT to be able to sustain their health. Make sure you use discretion before using this skill as the cooldown is very long.

Triumphant spirit: Fairly similar to Fellowships Heart except all in one burst heal. Use discretion.

Coda: This should be saved for needing a single target large heal and should be saved unless absolutely necessary since this will reset all your buffs (doesn’t consume anthems on fellow members). Note that this will also give you 1 free no induction bolster courage use aswell that can be used on the move.


So my basic summary of what to do on the minstrel is: Make sure your anthems are always up and then spam bolster courage unless you really need to use triumphant spirit or fellowships heart to get health up to max and then whenever you are safer in morale levels use Inspire fellows whenever you can for the -incoming damage buff

More Advanced skill tactics (Animation Cancelling, 6 Anthems etc): In lotro there are various skills that can cancel the animations of other skills thus making your character execute said actions at a faster speed than they should be able to be used normally. Chord of salvation and soliloquy of spirit are both of your main cancellers (also gift of hammerhand, CoTC and triumphant spirit). The way a canceller works is after you execute a skill your character has an animation recovery time. Cancellers can be used to use another skill in the middle of that animation cancel it and use the next skill without having to wait for animation recovery of the first skill which means you can in rapid succession use 2 or more skills. That being said, an example would be bolster courage and then immediately as the induction finishes using chord of salvation for a double cast heal in rapid succession. Yet chord of salvation itself has a long animation recovery but you can cancel that with soliloquy of spirit. Which means that in the time it normally takes to cast just bolster courage, you can use bolster courage chord of salvation, and soliloquy of spirit respectively all in rapid succession. There are a lot more benefits to using constant cancellers than one may think besides the increased healing output. The minstrel has a trait that every time he critically heals he gains a buff that lowers induction time by -20% for 6 seconds which can stack with itself. But this means that the more healing skills you can use in X time the more chances you get to gain this buff which then in turn means you can use more and more bolster courage faster and faster snowballing into an insanely high HPS output. This will take a little bit of getting use to but is very helpful if you can master it.

    6 anthems: There is also a way you can stack 6 anthems on your fellowship that will be explained here. The pre requisites are 3 trait lines. Your first trait line must be blue and have the 2nd to final trait maxed out that has a chance on every heal skill to reset cries and calls. Then you need a yellow line that is not maxed out so that you can stack only 2 anthems and then another yellow line that lets you stack 3 anthems. What I mean by this is that the 2 anthems stacked in the unupgraded yellow line are separate from the 3 from maxed out yellow line which is why they stack together. Then basically you use cry of the chorus stack 2 anthems, switch blue line, do some heals+quick cancellers to reset cry of the chorus, then switch back to yellow line and stack 2 more. Rinse and repeat including stacking 1 from blue line til you have 6 anthems up.

Unupgraded yellow.png

This is the unupgraded yellow line that you stack 2 anthems in.

UPgraded yellow anthem of war.png

This is an example of the trait line you would use to apply 3 of the anthems.

Blue line.png

This is an example of the blue trait line you would be using to reset cry of the chorus

    Extra incoming healing/outgoing healing: If you are doing something that takes less than 20 minutes and is relatively difficult for instance raid bosses, there is a minstrel warsteed skill called call to eorl that is a fellowship applied buff that lasts 20 minutes. It increases outgoing heals by 10% and incoming heals by 10%. That is a drastic boost and is a very handy tool.  

Legendary Items:

Titles: I would still recommend getting crit rating titles or a mitigation title.



1: Healing Skills Induction -%: Absolutely essential, self explanatory

2: Soliloquy of spirit healing: Self explanatory helpful heal (refer back to skills for its usage)

3: Still as Death CD: I find having this on a 30s second CD is very helpful for resetting threat levels and general all-purpose use.

4: Triumphant spirit CD: Self explanatory

5: Rally CD:(optional to have in your main LI) self explanatory in combat rez. The reason why i say it is optional in main LI is because you can have a different LI specifically for this cooldown which means that before you use rally, you can swap to that LI gain the reduced CD then swap back to your normal main LI. If you are doing that then you can have a stat legacy.

6: Anthem Duration: Essential (see above anthem section for anthem use) This means you will only need to reapply anthems every minute.

7. Stat legacy


1: Anthem of war Physical Mastery: Essential for maxing out anthem of war buff

2: Anthem of war Tactical Mastery: Essential look above^

3: Healing/motivation skills morale healing: Essential self explanatory

4: Bolster Courage healing: Essential self explanatory

5: Cry of the chorus CD: Essential this is needed for keeping anthems up as efficiently as possible

6: Inspire fellows healing: Essential (with FI armor set) optional without

7: Healing skills power cost: Optional power is almost never an issue

8: Stat legacy replacement for optional legacies



Setting: I recommend true setting of the long winter as it gives crit rating to help reach 13k, max morale and incoming healing bonuses.

Gem: A default t10 vit or fate gem or true gem of the wizards vale is ideal to also help reach the 13k crit cap for healing minis

Rune: True rune of the dark wood is fairly good as it gives mits and max morale or any attack duration rune to help speed up all your healing skills animations in general.

Crafted: Westemnet device of tactics



Stat goals minimum to run t2c content effectively:


Mastery: ~30k

Crit rating: 14k with food

Finesse: 0

Mits: 20.5k on both overcap more for moors

Crit defence: 50% (can use mit essences to get all of this basically)

Incoming healing 15-20%

Stats for t2c raid

Rako: 45k minimum t2 phys mit

Vado gauntlet 45k minimum t2 mits

Vado 30k maximum (highly preferred) t2 tac mit

UO 45k minimum t2 mits 15k finesse for yellow mini 8k for blue

Nazguls 45k minimum t2 mits

Goth 45k minimum t2 mits


Ideal gear setups:

 Jewelry: In order from best to worst

New gold 3 slot jewelry

Flower 3 slot

Osg 3 slot

Fi 2 slot

2 BB jewelry for heal bonus (not a pure 10% bonus to healing its a 10% tac mastery healing bonus which translates into a 6-7% actual increase to healing)ScreenShot01139.jpg



Armor: In order from best to worst

4 Featured Instance 2 slot pieces (for inspire fellows stack) 2 t2 raid (Best for raid)

4 t1 raid armor 2 pel or flower (higher stats and +5% crit chance)

6 4 slot pieces of armor either Pelennor or flower or a mix (higher stats)



Main blue healing traits

Blue line.png

Yellow Dps anthem traits (refer back to section on 6 anthems)

For 15% tac damage anthem of war

Yellow healing anthem traits

Yellow blue line.png


Virtues: Any mit virtue will suffice as needed. There is not much use for virtues like wisdom since tactical mastery is not a prevalent issue.


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