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re: Eld/Izu’s guide to dps warden in raid


Elds/Izu’s guide to dps warden in raid


Rotation (Youtube guide by trinno for visual guide he does it slightly differently but good guide if not better)

Things of note: 1=spear 2=shield 3=fist (13) in brackets stands for mastery there is a goad/battle prep bug that lets you use a mastery for free which is why goad is used then double (32) so that you get a quick desolation off and it gets battle memory proc

Single target: Battle prep - goad - (32) (32) 3 - Recklessness - Desolation - 3 (23) (22) Surety - 3 (13) (11) Spear - (31) 3 piercing - (12) 3 1 (21) unnerring - 3 1 precise - (32) 3 brink - 1 (23) power - 1 2 (31) mighty - Battle memory desolation - 32 (32) surety - 3 (13) (11) spear - 3 1 (33) piercing

After that basically just improvise with the mastery resets and because of the randomness of resets there is no set rotation after that. Basically just prioritize desolation, surety, piercing, and spe of virtue ar as main bleeds that should ALWAYS be up then brink of victory, unnerring strike, mighty blow, power attack, then if you are fast enough at your rotation there should be room for precise blow and with attack duration buff impressive flourish

Aoe: There is no actual rotation for this other than spamming your 6 target gambits Deso and Surety so that it ensures that its up on all targets. The tip about getting the free battle memory Deso to start off with is handy for stuff like vado gauntlet where there are ridiculous numbers of adds. In general just spam Deso/Surety battle memory is handy for getting more of these off and then an occasional brink of victory since that is a 10 target aoe which has a good chance of going up on all the adds. Utilization of (32) and (23) is essential for speed and whenever those are on cooldown you can squeeze in a spear of virtue 3131 or piercing strike 313 for more single target focus firing as needed.  




  1. Light Damage

  2. Surety of death damage

  3. Spear Gambit Damage

  4. Stat legacy

  5. Stat legacy

  6. Stat legacy


  1. Persevere block rating (for soloing/tanking)

  2. Recklessness Crit rating (slight crit multi increase for 20 seconds)



  1. Fist gambit skill damage

  2. Spear shield gambit damage

  3. Fist gambit critical rating (slight crit multi but nothing better)



  1. Fist gambit evade rating (for soloing/tanking)

  2. Shield gambit line healing (for soloing/tanking)

  3. Stat legacy

  4. In combat power regeneration


True setting of the north: Lots of morale/incoming healing and crit which all help. Dev relic is almost useless since bleeds cant dev.

True Gem of the Rising moon: Extra mastery and vit/fate all which help. No need for extra crit gems since your crit should be capped from build

True Rune of the White mountains: Mastery/agi/attack duration cant get better than this

Westenment device of Accuracy: Mastery/crit self explanatory




4 Pelennor

2 t1 raid

Or 2 Pel or flower(no set bonus and gives vitality so highly not recommended)

If possible 2 t2 armor pieces

If possible 4 t2 armor pieces 2 pel

Or if speedrunning 4 FI 2 Pel



Ideally (in order of best to worst)

New 3 slot gold jewelry

3 slot flower

3 slot Osg

2 slot FI



T2c Throne

Rako: Any morale t2 phys mit

Mumaks 35k unbuffed t2 mits

Vado gauntlet 25k-30k morale t2 mits

Vado As low morale as possible t2 tac mit

UO 20k-25k More depending on comfort/strat t2 mits

Nazguls 25k t2 tac mit

Goth chicken 20k minimum t2 mits

Goth twins 20k minimum t2 tac mit

Goth boss 20k minimum t2 mits (these vary depending on strat/speed)


Redline pure dpsWarden red line.png


Redline SupportWarden Dps support.png

This line functions very differently and is much more complex than normal dpsing if you want to maintain high dps. The basics of the starting rotation for this is: Start in assailment stance: Battle prep > goad > (13) (21) Adroit > switch In the Fray stance > Recklessness > 3 2 (32) 3 Desolation > then normal rotation except renew adroit buff right after recklessness buff expires > switch back to assailment > battle memory adroit > rinse and repeat except only worry about keeping surety, piercing, spear, deso, brink, and unnerring up.




I highly advise getting determination and if you are getting tac mit virtues then get tolerance/mercy as those give agi also. Zeal is also a good option for getting max morale up and a ton of phys mit from armor and phys mit.


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re: Warden Class Guides


Use this space to post all guides related to the Warden. 

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