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re: OD wound wing

Since the news of OD getting scaled, thought it's time to run some OD to refresh our minds ;0

Run! Don't let the elephant catch you.
Pull Levers ASAP
Do not let the elephant catch you
Keep running.
If you have time you can pull mobs out of final room into corridor to kill so elephant does not speed up.
Kill adds, then bring down elephant until he breaks into the boss room.

Boss Room:
One ranged class should be the elephant assasin. Usually one Hunter envy
One melee class should be the add magnet
All others move with the magnet (want all adds together)
Elephant assasin should kill the first elephant as fast as possible.
Elephant assasin should know when to assist on adds and when to switch back to elephant (when there are too many adds)
If you get an eye run and keep the elephants faced away from the group
Initially the first elephant through will be the first target for desruction all dps on this elephant until first adds pop.
Guard will be kiting elephants in a square around the group
Adds need to be decorrupted when they spawn
Adds need to be intterupted at all times. Renewers heal elephants, wardens summon more adds
Remember for T2 HM you have to kill all within 5 mins

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” 
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